Starting a beauty business is an achievement that many beauty therapists yearn for. After all, what can be better in the professional world than the freedom of being your own boss?  Opening your own beauty salon may be a task that’s easier said than done but, with the right know-how, you could reap the rewards of turning your passion into a business.

Here are a few top tips to help you on your way:

1. Perfect your business plan
Ever tuned in to the successful TV show ‘Dragon’s Den’? Entrepreneurs enter the den to pitch their business to the ‘dragons’ – a panel of hugely successful men and women who have conquered the world of business in their respective fields – in the hope of securing investment. The entrepreneurs are grilled extensively and woe betide anyone who turns up without a watertight business plan. Why? Because a business plan helps keep you on track for success and proves that you’ve a method for reaching your goals over the following years.

2. Purchase insurance
Making sure you have the correct insurance in place is an essential consideration when opening your own beauty business. You will need to purchase public and product liability insurance as well as professional indemnity to be sure you are fully covered for everything you offer. Although nobody likes to think about things going wrong, there are all sorts of issues that can occur in the beauty industry, from clients being unhappy with their treatment to a member of your staff accidentally damaging or discolouring a client’s clothing due to a product mishap. Check the small print of your chosen plan to ensure you are covered against every eventuality. At Finch Group, we can arrange a bespoke insurance policy for you, to ensure you have all areas covered. Give our expert team a call on 0118 921 5078 or email our Aesthetics, Beauty and Cosmetic team;

3. Get your finances in order
You might require a loan to get your beauty business off the ground. If so, be sure to establish an affordable re-payment scheme, and don’t forget to check the interest rates. Build your budgets with careful consideration of all outgoing costs – this might involve products, equipment and daily expenses – and file away all your receipts. Figure out how you will take payments for your services and be sure to have an appropriate business account set up and ready to go. Last, but not least, remember to register with the HMRC so that you can pay your tax accordingly.

4. Know what your customers want
One of the keys to success in business is gaining a thorough understanding of what it is your customers want. Build a profile of your target market, taking into account their age, interests and the sort of products and treatments they desire. This will also help you work out where best to advertise to attract your target customers. It also pays to keep an eye on the competition with particular attention paid to pricing, as well as new advancements and trends in the industry.

5. Build your brand
With a thorough understanding of your target customer, you can work on building your brand. Creating a suitable brand image includes tasks such as choosing a logo, font, tone of voice and colours for your website and advertising materials, all the while ensuring consistency as you create a specific experience for your target customer. Setting up social media accounts can be extremely worthwhile as they offer an excellent method of communication with your customers, enabling you to address any issues directly, analyse feedback and push any promotions. If you do decide to set up a website, a blog can be an effective way of driving traffic to your site, increasing brand awareness and building a relationship with your customers to prove yours is the brand to trust.

Experts in Aesthetics, Beauty and Cosmetic Insurance
At Finch Group, we can arrange a bespoke insurance policy for you, to ensure you have all areas covered. Give our expert team a call on 0118 921 5078 or email our Aesthetics, Beauty and Cosmetic team;

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