If a claim was made against either you personally or your business, would you know what steps to take? More importantly, would you have the financial resources to take care of it?

AXA’s Management Liability Policy does this for you, with exclusive policy enhancements when arranged through our team at Finch and legal support through their partnership with rradar.

If you’re a director, officer or senior manager at a company, you’re personally liable for the decisions you make. Under the Companies Act of 2006, shareholders, investors, employers, customers and creditors may all take legal action against you if they think your actions don’t reflect the best interests of the company or you’ve behaved in a way that’s perceived to be negligent. Subsequent investigations could lead to prosecution and even imprisonment in more serious cases.

Employment claims – The most common, stemming from a range of disputes including
unfair dismissal, harassment or discrimination. These types of claims can be a time,
money and energy drain, costing £20,000 on average.
Regulatory investigations and prosecutions – The Health and Safety Executive, The
Financial Conduct Authority, and The Environment Agency among other regulators have
the power to levy enormous fines or close your business.
Shareholder/Investor claims – Prejudice and a reduction in share value are common
complaints from other directors who take action as they exit the business.
Employee and third-party fraud – With access to systems and databases, employees are
in the best position to act fraudulently. Activity such as cybercrime, non-internet identity
and procurement fraud, can lead to enormous losses or even force a business to close.
Contract disputes – Minor disputes can emerge from simple agreements and have the
potential to become very complicated and costly.
Data breach – Failing to adequately secure third-party information can lead to fines up
to 4% of a business’ turnover and subsequent claims for damages from all those affected.
Pension claims – Auto-enrolment comes with a host of risks, including mistakes in the
system and negligent behaviour which is likely to affect the pensions of both present and
former employees.
Pollution clean-up – Not only will you be responsible for immediate clean-up following
a pollution incident, but you could also face criminal fines and compensation costs for
surrounding landowners.

AXA’s Management Liability Policy combines Directors and Officers Insurance, Company Legal Liability and Employment Practice Liability for a comprehensive policy which comes with extensions which are exclusive to Finch Group, including:

Pollution claims clean up – £30,000 for any one claim
Loss of documents – £125,000 for any one claim
Circumstance investigation – £75,000 in any one claim
Court attendance compensation – £300 per day

The latest additions of Brexit and crime related policy enhancements mean that your business can be future-proofed further still in uncertain climates.

AXA have partnered with legal specialist rradar, who provide a 24hr crisis line and online support, so you know how to progress in the face of an allegation including those around:
– Human resources and employment law
– Money laundering, bribery and corruption
– Taxation
– Anti-competitive practices
– Health and Safety and environmental regulations

rradar’s digital resources feature over 1500 articles offering general legal advice on a wide range of areas including corporate governance, Directors’ and shareholders’ duties, contracts, intellectual property, Data Protection and cyber crime, financial crime, motoring and criminal offences.

Our team at Finch Group can discuss your current level of insurance protection, if you have any in place, and explain how AXA’s Management Liability Policy could support you and your business specifically. Call your dedicated Account Executive or email us at


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