Unoccupied property cover – an update from Aviva

In June, Aviva extended their policy cover for properties & sites that were unoccupied for an additional period of 45 days. This was to allow businesses time to take the necessary steps to restart operations.

We wanted to remind you that from 5th of August 2020, these cover extensions will expire. From this point, Aviva policy cover will not allow a further period of unoccupancy and normal policy terms and conditions will apply to all policies, whether affected by National or Local lockdown.

In addition to this, we appreciate there have been some incidents of localised lockdown, such as Leicester that may be impacting your business. We therefore wanted to provide you with guidance on what you would need to do from 5th August.

In these circumstances, as per Aviva’s normal policy terms and conditions;

  • If you have to temporarily close your business or site and it is for, or you anticipate for longer than 30 days please contact Finch Group
  • We would encourage you to discuss with Finch Group how you can take the appropriate risk management measures whilst your property or site remains unoccupied.

Aviva continue to recognise that the restrictions on businesses are not all changing at the same time. Commercial sectors and countries are moving at variable speeds whereby some businesses could be required by law to be closed to members of the public beyond the 5th of August 2020.

Aviva also recognise that there will still be a small number of clients subject to self-Isolation or medical care, where perhaps operating as a sole trader.

In both these scenarios, you’ll need to contact Finch Group before the 5th of August 2020 to agree the right basis of cover.

As a reminder, you must also contact Finch Group if:

  • you have not already advised us of changes you have made to your businesses or sites during the lockdown period
  • If you have unfortunately had to cease trading

If you have any queries relating to these updates, please contact Finch Group at or your usual advisor.

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