For Accountants

Total Fee Protection is a commercial insurance policy for accountants, designed to help soften the blow of a tax investigation.

Investigations can be extremely costly and put a strain on your client relationship when it comes to collecting the necessary fees for your part in the enquiry, so this policy offers additional peace of mind and extra confidence for both you and your clients.

What Is Total Fee Protection?

Total Fee Protection is an insurance policy that pays your fees to defend an investigation, dispute or enquiry from HMRC with a sum insured of up to £100,000 per insured event, and additional benefits, including:

  • Business Legal Services – Access to law guide and download of legal documents to help with commercial legal matters.
  • Legal Advice Helpline – Advice for business legal matters within EU law including Employment and Hr, Contract Law, Health and Safety and Property Ownership/Tenancy.

Depending on the length of time an enquiry takes, the costs for your client can soon build up, whether it’s a full enquiry or aspect enquiry including Directors and/or Partners. By offering Total Fee Protection, you will help clients manage potential risk against any inspection from HMRC and the associated costs involved in responding.

Benefits Of Total Fee Protection To Accountants

  • Income Generation – you can offer the service to your clients at additional cost with prices that you are comfortable with as a value added service.
  • Guarantees – You are guaranteed the full recovery of their fees to you.
  • Client Proposition – Depending on how you offer Total Fee Protection to your clients, the value added service can help retain existing clients and differentiate yourself to the competition.
  • Support and Advice – Whether it’s tax, VAT, or legal issues, you have additional advice on hand with the helpline and website documentation.
  • Marketing Support – You will receive advice and support to help you market and sell this policy to your existing clients and potential new customers.

Why choose Total Fee Protection?

There are tailored, competitively priced solutions to suit most businesses so contact us today to discuss how your accountancy firm may benefit from offering Total Fee Protection.