Sometimes overlooked, car transporters perform a host of vital roles in everyday life.

As well as getting new cars to their owners and helping us relocate across continents, these specialist vehicles have a history of embarking on some glamorous and exciting tasks.

We celebrate this unique facet of the transportation industry with a look at the most memorable car transporter moments

1. The name’s Bond…

Celebrating the release of the James Bond film ‘Spectre’ in 2015, Aston Martin Europe took 007’s Aston Martin DB10 on tour in a totally clear car transporter. The glass-sided carrier took “The World’s Coolest Car” on a tour of the company’s dealerships across Europe – now that’s travelling in style.

2. FLAG Mobile Unit

While they might not get starring roles in all the action movies, car transporters have occasionally been known to take centre stage in the world of TV. Eighties television sensation Knight Rider saw David Hasselhoff’s smart car KITT supported by its own covered car transporter called the FLAG Mobile Unit. Serving as KITT’s mobile garage, it features in memorable stunts including KITT driving aboard at full speed.

3. Ready, set, race

Car transporters are not unfamiliar with high-octane tasks – branded, covered car transporters are often used to deliver Formula One race cars to the track in safety and security. Elite racing teams from Ferrari to Lotus boast personalised transporters. These gleaming machines are often modelled on vintage trucks for an extra dose of automotive cool.

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