Why Finch?

With every acquisition of an insurance broker, we have different cultural and logistical issues to resolve, but on each occasion the vendors chose Finch because it represented a safe home for its staff and clients alike. Selling an insurance broker is like selling your life’s work‚ it is essential to have some comfort that the qualities and values that you have developed will be respected.

Our insurance HQ is based in Reading which we have occupied for circa 10 years. We also have branches in;

Alton, Basingstoke, Bournemouth, Godalming, Isle of Wight, London, Oxford, Portsmouth and Southampton.

Finch employs over 150 members of staff, including the four working Directors; Paul Goodman (Managing Director), Nick Inge (Commercial Director), Ryan Houston (Commercial Director) and Graham Ash (Private Clients Director).

Our partnership with Ethos Broking

In November 2016, we became part of Ethos Broking, an open collaboration of like-minded brokers who share intrinsic, customer-focussed values.

Drawing on broad and well-established expertise across our collective, and with the support of the Ethos Broking team, we approach current and future challenges as a unit, allowing us to continually assess and enhance our service.

Our association with Ethos Broking gives us greater prominence in the insurance market, meaning access to exclusive policy wordings and niche products, while remaining independent and accessible to our clients. Find out more at ethosbroking.co.uk

Denis, Nick and Steve have all sold their Insurance Brokerages to Finch, find out their views on the acquisitions;

Many people set up a business with the ultimate goal of selling it and moving to pastures new.

Since establishment in 1996, Finch has grown by both organic means and by way of several acquisitions of insurance brokers, namely:

  • Headley Group
  • Hughes & King (Portsmouth)
  • Shene Insurance (Richmond)
  • Bridle Insurance (Oxford)
  • Specialist Insurance Agency (SIA) Southampton
  • Opus Risk Solutions (Bournemouth)
  • County (Shaftesbury)
  • Taylor Beaumont (Southampton)
  • Ben Bishop (Isle of Wight)
  • Miller & Co (Hambledon)
  • Fairman Insurance Services (Crowthorne)
  • Maurice Keating – Commercial Book only (Camberley)
  • Kennet Insurance Brokers (Thatcham)
  • Atwoods (Great Bookham)
  • Paul Jones Insurance (Southampton / Isle of Wight)
  • Citymain Insurance (Fleet, Hampshire)
  • Ashcombe Border Insurance Services (Liphook)
  • Richmond Insurance Brokers (Eton)

The total GWP of the business is now approximately £64M having started off in 1996 at £350,000.

Selling An Insurance Brokerage

You’ve probably already got a time in mind for a sale, but timing is generally dictated by market conditions. The best indicators of when to sell are the financial climate, potential buyer profiles and market trends. Early planning will ensure that you have the right structures and processes in place to maximise success when conditions are right.

You will not want to sell your insurance business to a buyer that you do not trust, so there is no time like the present to start to consider who is the best fit and who is able to offer you the right deal.

To do that, you are going to need a buyer that ticks all of the boxes‚ which must include:-

  • Financial Backing & Security
  • Above Market Value Price
  • Geographical Fit
  • Similar Business Mix
  • Service & People Culture
  • Totally Independent

If you are interested in selling your insurance broker business, why not get in touch to arrange exploratory meeting or to move quickly to sale?