Wherever there is the construction of buildings or civil works, there is a risk of loss or damage. The contract governing the works will place the responsibility for this loss or damage with either the Contractor or Employer.

Contractors All Risks insurance cover is protection against the physical loss or damage to the works being undertaken, with the policy paying for repair or replacement of the insured works following damage caused by an insured event.

About Contractors All Risks Cover

Cover is given on an All Risks basis, which means an insured event is any loss or damage to the insured works (unless caused by an exclusion contained in the policy). This is the widest form of cover the insurance industry gives. The Contractors All Risks cover required is dependent upon the scope, value, location and duration of the works. The insured works are the permanent and temporary works disclosed to the insurer, which may be by way of the general business description for an annual policy, or a more specific disclosure for a project specific policy.

Examples of what Contractors All Risks Insurance can cover:

  • Cover for damage to permanent and temporary works and free issue materials, whilst on site and whilst in transit to and from site.
  • Cover for owned and hired in plant and machinery.
  • Up to 12 months cover after completion for contractual obligations forming part of the maintenance or defects liability period.
  • Cover for any party that is required to be a joint named insured under the contract.
  • Additional cover as standard including Professional fees and Debris Removal.

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