In terms of your family possessions, jewellery is very often the most at risk when it comes to theft, accidental damage or loss.

We can provide comprehensive cover for your jewellery and watches, whether bought by you or perhaps heirlooms passed down through your family.

These items will be covered for theft whilst at home – or when they are away from your home with you – as well as accidental loss or damage. This offers you additional peace of mind when it comes to wearing your special possessions rather than keeping it locked away.

If you are looking for an insurance policy to cover your watches or jewellery, why not contact us today to find out more?

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About Jewellery Insurance

Whether you have inherited, been given jewellery or an expensive watch, or have items that you have bought during your lifetime, your jewellery collection may be worth more than you think. Due to the size and comparable value of these items, they are also the most vulnerable when it comes to damage, loss or theft.

To give you the right level of insurance cover, we tailor your policy to provide for jewellery, watches and any gold you may own. The policies we utilise have a high single item limit available of up to £17,500 so you only need to detail specific pieces which are individually valued over this figure.

What Is Covered?

  • All risk cover, which would include accidental damage and loss as standard.
  • High single article limits up to £17,500.
  • Jewellery and watches are covered away from home.
  • Extended replacement cover – up to an additional 25% of the specified item value if professionally valued within last three years up to a £100,000 per incident.
  • New Possessions cover – automatically increases in the sum insured to cover new purchases for 90 days up to 25% of the current sum insured.

Why Finch?

The Finch insurance team are used to working with high net worth individuals, organising home insurance policies that include jewellery and watches that have significant financial and sentimental value.

You will be dealing with a small team of people that fully understand the insurance products they specify and the individual needs of our many customers. Add to that the personal service we offer with our very experienced advisors and you will see why some clients continue to insure through Finch year after year.

To find out more about our watches and jewellery as part of your home insurance policy, contact us today.

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