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Insurance Cover for Trainee Airline Pilots

We are insurance brokers offering a comprehensive package of insurance cover to Trainee Airline Pilots and Qualified Pilots.

If you are applying to be a Trainee Pilot – please complete our Enquiry Form at the bottom of this page.  If you are an existing Trainee and you need to make any amendments to your cover, or require additional cover like Travel Insurance, please email us at  

To provide suitable protection for your career investment, cover should ideally be effective when you pay your deposit for your training course, which we understand to be approximately 1 month in advance of your course starting. We appreciate this may not always be possible, however we would strongly recommend you complete your insurance application as soon as you are able.

Trainee Pilot Insurance Package

Our bespoke insurance package includes the following covers:

Loss of Training Expenses

This insurance is also known as ‘training bond’ or ‘loss of medical status’ cover. Cover is issued for up to 2 years, depending on your course, and provides cover for unrecoverable training fees already paid which, in the event of accident or illness, results in your loss of Class 1 Medical Status and withdrawal from the training course.
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Term Life Assurance

Provides a lump sum death benefit to reimburse a professional studies loan or a loan obtained from other sources including family members.
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Travel Insurance*

Provides a comprehensive travel insurance package, especially extended to meet the requirements of the New Zealand Qualifications Authority, for trainees whilst undertaking physical flight training in New Zealand, USA, Spain or other locations specified.

As part of the Training Contract, Trainees may be required to have Loss of Training Expenses (LOTE) insurance cover and Term Life and most professional studies’ loans also stipulate that LOTE cover and Term Life Assurance, must be in place before training can start.

Travel insurance including personal effects cover is necessary for training modules in New Zealand. The New Zealand Qualifications Authority requires that evidence of this cover is submitted with any student visa application.

*only available to selected academies. Please contact us for details.

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We recognise that for many cadets and their families, taking the decision to train to become an airline pilot is exciting, but can also be complex and involves significant cost.

We have posted answers to some queries that regularly arise and which we hope are of assistance. We also welcome contact by phone or email if you have any other queries arising.
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Loss of Licence Insurance

A Loss of Licence policy pays a lump sum in the event of an accident or illness which results in your loss of your Class 1 Medical Status and subsequent loss of your pilot licence.
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We recognise that for many cadets and their families, taking the decision to train to become an airline pilot is exciting, but can also be complex and involves significant cost. But, if you would like more information about our insurance for trainee airline pilots, please contact our Southampton office today.

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